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Case Reports and Member Education

Member Education

Educational material from the 2014 POPS conference and other continuing education articles are now available to current POPS members for review. To open these documents you will need Adobe reader, the password is the same as for member login.

POPS 2014 Conference Syllabus

High Energy Ankle Fractures in the Pediatric Patient

Closed Treatment of Acute DRUJ Injuries

Billing for the Pediatric Orthopaedic Practitioner

Pediatric Pelvic Trauma

How to Read a Knee MRI and How to Show it to the Patient and Their Families

Clinical Practice Guidelines for Accurate Diagnosis and Prompt Treatment of Adolescent Hip Dysplasia

How to Recognize and Manage Progressive Neuromuscular

Pre and Post Operative Management Strategies for the Medically Complex Orthopaedic Patient

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